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Several prototype application and interface concepts. For most projects I developed the logo, branding and identity, visual elements and interface, with the exception of the project done for Edenspiekermann, in which all logos and names belong to their respective companies.

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A user interface for the not-too-distant future of self-driving cars. Looks at what features might be available and what the user might want to accomplish during a commute.


With so many devices on the IoT, it can be frustrating to have to download a million separate apps. Castle lets you control every smart device in your home from one central location. 

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A restaurant guide and social hub for all things vegan. Users can share new restaurants, dishes they've found, or even hacks to make sure you can order vegan food almost anywhere.


An airport navigation app that helps travelers find late night / off-hours food and entertainment options during long layovers.

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